Kent Coffee Company provides bespoke coffee programs to offices, retail locations, events and fundraisers as well as the home connoisseur.


After 13 years working in the industry in Canada and England we felt it was time to take our knowledge of the market, equipment and product and create something memorable for our customers who value a fresh quality product backed by our need to service our clients at the highest possible level.


Our coffee is ethically sourced, hand crafted in small batches and packaged fresh with roast on dates.  We believe these steps provide accountability to ensure the best possible product for our customers.


Kent Coffee Company is named after Kent County in England which is referred to as the Garden County.  This is where the owners were married and lived for a number of years before returning to Canada.


We wanted to pay tribute to a location and time that has prepared us for what we want to do today and the county motto Invicta (meaning undefeated or unconquered) describes our outlook. We’ve also taken the Invicta motto and used this as our flagship brand.