Whether it’s a wedding, banquet or other event we want to work with you to make the coffee a memorable part of your event.


Our events program consists of the best espresso and drip coffees, we’ve partnered with a local high quality tea provider to complete our boutique coffee bar.


If you are interested in having us participate at your event please email us at or call 647 225 2152.




Kent Coffee has a desire to make charity and fundraising the heart of the company.


We have a product that lends itself perfectly to working with individuals, groups and organizations to raise money.


Our approach to fundraising is the same as our day to day business approach, we will work with you.  We don’t believe in saying here is the product do what you can, we want to give you ideas, work with you on approaches that have worked for us and informing on approaches that haven’t worked.  The ultimate goal is to give you the best opportunity to raise as much money as possible.


If you are interested in partnering with us for fundraising please email or call 647 225 2152.